Chicago Waterproof Co.

Chicago Waterproof Co. is a family owned business that operates as a full-service
general construction company, established in March 2015. We currently have
over a decade of experience and expertise in the waterproofing industry.
Throughout the years in the field, we have learned of the best types of equipment,
material, and methods to complete the jobs successfully and efficiently. Chicago
Waterproof Co. has been built on the principles of providing a service, and not on
profits at the expense of our clients. We are professional, disciplined, and able
to provide the best possible service with even an added warranty.

Expertise Architectural caulk, fire stopping penetrations, fire stopping joints, waterproofing for new and old construction, and cleaning restoration of brick, and stone. 

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Water repellant protection is a clear, solvent-based formulated to weatherproof custom masonry units, cast stone, architectural concrete block, precast concrete, wood and other porous masonry materials. Protects masonry surfaces from repeated graffiti attacks in some cases without altering the natural appearance.
Performance Characteristics
  • Breathable (allow for moisture vapor transmission)
  • Penetrating (lines the substrates pore structure)
  • Transparent (dries clear and flat; may slightly enhance some substrates)
  • Withstands wind driven rain
  • Provides masonry structures with protection from damage caused by:
    • Freeze-thaw cycles
    • Efflorescence
    • Calcium Carbonate stains
    • Mold
    • Acid rain
    • Chloride Ion penetration

Enhance the look of the brick

Keep the stone looking nice and free of algae stains.  

Avoid water penetration

Avoid the growth of mold inside the property.


Caulking by far is one of the services that very few can do, you need precision and labors that have years of experiences to make it look right.

Careful attention should be given to selecting an appropriate sealant color on any joint sealant project. A custom color, matched to the existing color of the substrate or the existing joint sealant, may create more desirable aesthetics. Our Many of our multi-component sealants that we use match any surfaces making the end job perfect.

The majority of common construction substrates are compatible with most brands we use; however, we recommend that you check before proceeding, as primers or special preparation may be required. 

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Professional Workmanship. Experience & Warranties Up to 20 years. 
Fire stopping 
 Innovative fire protection systems

A leader in developing innovative fire protection systems that help stop the spread of fire, smoke, and hot gases. For over 9 years,

Systems that save lives and protect your property


  • Construction Joints
  •  Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing
  • Curtain Walls


Our mission: Help to prevent illnesses by waterproofing, improves the looks of properties and save lives by installing and making fire stopping systems.

Whether it's removing excess mortar and clarifying mortar joints or removing decades or even centuries of carbon build-up, you'll find the Chicago Waterproof Co. services bring out the true, intended beauty of masonry buildings.

We clean Old and New properties

Effective, reliable and practical Chicago Waterproof Co. services for final clean down on new masonry buildings and restoration cleaning on existing and historic masonry buildings.


goals include providing the highest quality material and best professional workmanship

share in the commitment, responsibility, risk taking
and discipline required to achieve our vision

management philosophy is based on responsibility and mutual respect.
Pictures of work been done
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